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finnish movie about ww2

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Hi In my 'travels' about the net I found a website for a finnish movie about the war between finnland and the soviets on one side and the nazis on the other. in ww2 the finns fought the soviets w 11 divisions to a stand still w just a handfull of men...........the finnish airforce used german and british planes bought before the war..... some finnish pilots even flew against american pilots too, in a strange twist. did you know that there was a American vollenteer group that flew w the soviet air force???? the triple "7"s any who,,, look at the trailer it's v cool!!!!:cool: :) lots of suomis in it .....

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Yep, a good film.

'Winter War" well worth watching. We have lots of Finns here, NOT to be trifled with. "Sisu!"
Swiss neutrality....

The Swiss are a "neutral" country, yet have historically provided the world with some great mercenaries. Remember: Papal guard, etc. Although they are prohibited from exporting arms, they simply team up with another "host" country for the R & D and design/fabrication work, like Sig/Sauer. (Swiss/German) Fantastic designers and engineers, look at their time pieces.
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