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finnish movie about ww2

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Hi In my 'travels' about the net I found a website for a finnish movie about the war between finnland and the soviets on one side and the nazis on the other. in ww2 the finns fought the soviets w 11 divisions to a stand still w just a handfull of men...........the finnish airforce used german and british planes bought before the war..... some finnish pilots even flew against american pilots too, in a strange twist. did you know that there was a American vollenteer group that flew w the soviet air force???? the triple "7"s any who,,, look at the trailer it's v cool!!!!:cool: :) lots of suomis in it .....

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....any body ever see any movies about the swiss in ww2?? hundreds of swiss came thru here too.
Switzerland was neutral in WWII. They were not invaded nor did they fight. Did you mean "Swedes" instead of "Swiss"?
Isn't there an infamous quote concerning Switzerland being invaded by the Germans..... Something to the effect of a German General or Ambassador speaking to a Swiss General or Ambassador and stating " Our army outnumbers you two to one. What can you do to stop us." The Swiss reply, " We will all shoot twice and go home".

I have heard the story several different ways from WWI to WWII. Google lists tons of variations and time frames. I wonder if there is a grain of truth in there. :)
I'm not familiar with the quotation, but keep in mind that the Swiss REQUIRE every home to be armed. Just because they have remained neutral doesn't mean they are pacifists.

There may have been threats of invasion, but those threats never turned into real action. It was actually worth it to the Germans to leave Switzerland as a neutral "safe" haven for their stolen wealth. If they had invaded and captured Switzerland, then the Allies would have counter-invaded and seized all holdings. By leaving it neutral, the Allies couldn't touch the Nazi's secret bank accounts and treasure troves. And once the expansion of the Nazi empire faltered, there were plenty of nazi higher-ups who saw the writing on the wall and stashed money in Switzerland in case they needed to disappear.
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