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finnish movie about ww2

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Hi In my 'travels' about the net I found a website for a finnish movie about the war between finnland and the soviets on one side and the nazis on the other. in ww2 the finns fought the soviets w 11 divisions to a stand still w just a handfull of men...........the finnish airforce used german and british planes bought before the war..... some finnish pilots even flew against american pilots too, in a strange twist. did you know that there was a American vollenteer group that flew w the soviet air force???? the triple "7"s any who,,, look at the trailer it's v cool!!!!:cool: :) lots of suomis in it .....

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sonoma, also known as the valley of the moon, strangely enough is the location of the largest population of retired Finns in the us........ big place here called FAHA, that means something in Finnish, also means Finnish American Home Asso any body ever see any movies about the swiss in ww2?? hundreds of swiss came thru here too.
my cousin that lives in Finland once told me "never piss off a finn" I guess the russkis learned that the hard way;)
(what dodo head!!!! I just figured out the spell chek :eek: )
swiss nutrality

during ww2 the swiss Luftwaffe shot down about 100+ german Luftwaffe planes trying to cut across switzerland... they lost about 10-14 planes them selves, so they stopped all air combat operations by the swiss airforce. by the way ,,the swiss flew Me 109's:cool: wouldn't that make an interesting movie????;)
It is not the "Winter War" but a different one. Is it available on DVD with subtitles? Who has it at KCR?
I was told that it would be available on DVD later this spring........
Switzerland is what we call "fiercely neutral" to mean that they maintain a large and formidable army to dissuade anyone from trying to invade them. Every able bodied person maintains their militia weapon in their home with a secured box of ammo that is not to be opened until ordered to. They have an annual training event where they all come out to qualify. Pretty darn good thinking in my book.
actually, every swiss home has a small closet on the side that the front door opens to. In the closet is your battle pack. rifle, min 200 rds ammo for your rifle, grenades, pistol lif you have one and ammo for your pistol. they don't check to see if your ammo is open, they check to make sure that it's in date! which means that you better be using it at the range, the only things that are really leagle to do on a sunday in switzerland are go to church and shoot your gun at the town range (300meters!!):D
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