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first kit

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I just received my first kit in the mail today. I've been waiting for it to show up before I ordered anything else. I've been planning on getting a side plate from 30calmachinegunner. My question is, where is the best place to get the semi-auto trigger and sear, and where should I send the internals to get machine work done? I'm not looking for the cheapest place, but someone that you guys think deserves the work. I'm new here and I've been trying to read other posts to try to find the answers myself but I've read so much that I've forgotten what posts had the answers I've been looking for. So I'll probably be posting questions in the next few weeks that you guys have answered a million times. Any help will be greatly appreciated, and my bank account is hoping that building this 1919 isn't as addictive as building AK's.

thanks guys, coumont:)
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I'm in the same position as coumont; just got my kit today, an Izzy from Cole. One thing I'm wondering is where's a good place to get belts?
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