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Fixing Dings in a wood sto

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Fixing Dings in a wood stock

Being a cabinet maker and carpenter for 40 years, here is a tidbit on knowledge.

Here is a old trick in lifting light dings in wood stocks.

First, strip the stock removing the oil or laquered finish from the stock.

Keep inside a Dehumidified area to further dry out the wood for a few weeks.

If the ding is @ 1/32" deep, then take a eye dropper and fill the ding with water, being careful not to overfill the ding.

If the ding is deeper, it will only raise the wood a little, but it will still be there, but not as much.
1/16 th' deep , the cells of the wood may be damaged but not crushed. Deep dings probably contain damaged wood.
This is a slow and tedious effort, doesn't work all the time due to the quality of preparation, damage to the wood and attention given the project.

Slow and long term attention works the best,.. TLC.

This can help some, but is not a cure - all
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