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It's not without it's challenges but it's been done. The work to make it a semi-auto includes includes:
  • Removing the dummy left and right side plates. These can be sold.
  • Remove the barrel weld to the trunnion. The trunnion will need to be reshaped.
  • The replacement parts that are needed are:
    • left side plate
    • right side plate
    • replacement action arms
    • replacement lock
    • check lever
    • barrel
  • The following can probably be reused:
    • recovered trunnion and water jacket
    • front top cover
    • rear top cover. This can be replaced it you are not building a Turkish Vickers.
    • bottom plate
    • feedblock -- depends if you are rebuilding to 8mm or .303 and what the dummy has
  • You will need the "normal" semi-auto conversion parts
    • denial plate (or island)
    • lock modifications
    • modifications to the action arms
    • semi-auto right side plate

I bought a donor Vickers kit for the parts and then sold the extras. One thing to be aware of is that Turkish Vickers were converted to 8mm. You will have a difficult time finding a couple of key 8mm parts (extractor in particular) but it can be rebuild in .303. I can't tell if the listed dummy gun has the 8mm feedblock. You also might find a US Vickers barrel and 8mm lock they criminally demiled when they built the dummy.

Others, please correct me in what I forgot or got wrong.

What parts would a sarco dummy gun be missing?

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