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Got myself painted into a darn corner with my dad's estate business. The property has completely drained his account and mine.
I hate the idea of letting it go, but I no longer have a choice.

Allied Armament 1919a4, air cooled Browning semi-auto built from an Izzy kit. Runs like a noisy sewing machine and looks great. Mine runs best at four clicks out. Never had an OOB or blown a topcover. Gun is recently fitted with new topcover/slide spring,new booster lock ring, accelerator, sear and sear springs.

Home made ammo can holder/adapter that elevates with the gun to any position in true anti-aircraft style.

German AA tripod in good shape with home made pintle. Still has the strap, too.

Home made linker pitched for .308. Has 15 slots. Works great. Has OD painted plywood base, aluminum track and all steel lever handle. Folds down fully for ease of storage/transportation.

Extra parts; One NOS barrel, two booster lock rings, two sear springs two topcover/slide springs, one used, one NOS.

One Weasel Winder. It really does work good, too!

One home made crankfire that attaches to stock grip. Also works good, but shinier. ;)

One home made butterfly type set of spade grips, built on a home made backplate. Fully adjustable for trigger pull. All parts properly treated in all the correct places. I need to redo a tiny TIG weld on the linkage mounts. They turned out crooked after the original welds failed.The butterfly is tipped at an angle. Something slipped in the jig and I didn't notice until it was done. It works but isn't pretty like it was.

One home made spanner wrench for the spade's wooden handle grip bolts.
One home made booster wrench. Looks cool, but not the best way.
One home made monster screw driver tip to mount in vise for the monster buffer screw.

Probably two thousand Izzy links. Some used a few times. Some new. I'll try to keep them separated.
Three 250 round, white tabless belts.
Two green 100 round belts from Atlantic Wall blanks.

About 200 rounds in boxes, in a wooden case. ' OO-82 headstamps. Czech, I think??

OK, now here's where someone should get very interested;
To be included in this package is a nearly finished drop in 1919a4 bump-fire prototype. I has a dedicated backplate that carries a sliding A6-ish stock. The internal component works great in a lockframe mocked up on the work bench. The only modification to the actual gun is an inclined plane welded to the bottom of the trigger bar. Does not affect semi fire in any way, shape or or form, and in no way could be misinterpreted as an attempt to make it full auto. (IMHO)
Whoever gets this has a possible gold mine. Just need a clearer head than mine to refine it perfection and file the papers. All intellectual property will be transferred with the package. If you want to name it after me, that'd be cool but not required.! :tongue: Everyone wants a good legacy, right?:D
I no longer have the energy to pursue this further.
I'll try to gather it all together (except the device parts) for a pic or three later.

Asking 4000.
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