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For sale ..izzy a6 kit

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Very good condition..bipod and stock..also comes with a usgi flash hider..very good condition and a carrying handle....package.$.175 plus 15 shipping money orders please..first email gets it..thanks gregg
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ok, to show my ignorance, I have to post this newbie question. I have seen several posts in the past, but I dont know what it means. What's an "izzy?"

it means

that it is of isreali manufacture...thats why you see a upside down U on the 1919 kits..it means isreali..now a real usgi a6 kit would be alot of money,,they just took our guns and modified them for the 308 cartridge..and made ther own a6 configuration..and did a nice job doing it..later gregg
I think that upside down U is a symbol of the IDF.
Kit sold..nobody here got it,

izzy kit sold
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