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All - I am assembling a non-firing MG 08 Display Gun. I have a set of uncut 08 barrel extension plates off a 1918 Spandau 08 (Serial # 4515). Sorry no cash sales.

I will trade for a set of CUT 08 barrel extension plates plus some other small MG 08 parts I am in need of.

Here's list of parts of what I need. KEEP IN MIND, from this list, would like to trade for the cut plates and SOME of these parts, based on what we can work out.

Looking for:

Barrel Jacket Drain Plug with chain (top of jacket near trunnion)
Left side recoil slot closure plate
Right side recoil slot closure plate with check lever and camming roller
Water hose fittings for water jacket opening and hose
Water drain assy (I believe that is what it is called) at bottom of front end of water jacket. Jacket has the housing for it, but missing the moving parts. Separate from hose fitting
Oiler brush caps for spade grips
Lower pin and collars for receiver (lower front end of receiver at bottom of trunnion)
Rear latch & screw (bolt?) for top cover

Plates have some surface pitting at the rear end, please review pictures, send PM if you have questions.

Thank you for looking.


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