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I got an email the other day from an aquaintance with another hobby pointing me to a thing called ?mapmuse? - http://mapmuse.com/

Initially, I thought it was spam but followed the link anyway. It showd me all ?registered? roller rinks. I thought it was mildly interesting, since I know many of them in my areas of interest. However, there are some I hadn?t heard of.

Meandering mind, I wondered what else it contained so I went to its home and looked for the ?view all? button. There are lots of other interests. Here?s some of their descriptions:

MapMuse is the best way to find your favorite brands and interests, all brought together on a single interactive map!
With over 150 already available and more added each week, there's something for everyone!
Know of a place we're missing or want to add information to a place on one of our maps? MapMuse allows anyone to add or edit information.
Is there a particular brand or interest you're looking for that we don't have on our maps? Vote for your favorites!
Want to get your favorite brand or interest added to MapMuse as soon as possible? Groups and online communities can collaborate to map their favorite places.

With this being said, I added the following:

View all interests
Don't see the interest you're looking for? Click here (http://feedback.mapmuse.com/re1/mmFeedback.php?code=1) to vote to have your favorite interest added!

Suggest a Brand or Interest Have a favorite brand or interest that isn't available on MapMuse.com? Let us know. Every week we'll be adding 2-3 new topics based on the suggestions of our visitors!

Target Shooting Ranges, Skeet Shooting Ranges, Trapshooting Ranges, Pistol Shooting Ranges, Rifle Shooting Ranges

Now, we all should go there and add our favorite ranges and let them know that us shooters are respectable people who SPEND MONEY and should be heard from. Let's spread our hobby.
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