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I thought this manual would be of interest to the group so I scanned it and made an Adobe pdf file. It was published in England in 1942 for use with the Browning 1917, and since material on the 1917 was not widely published this is good opportunity to see this weapon in detail. It's well done with lots of photos of the gun and subassemblies, as well as the 1918 tripod.

Right-click this address and select "Save Target As...", then find a file on your hard drive to dump it in. It's about 3 megs:

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader you can get it here:

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Thx Nose, great file...I saved it.

On page 15 they describe a final headspacing method that I had never seen before...cool!

After adjusting hs with the group out of the gun and then inserted into the gun, if you retract the bolt 1/4" and the barrel doesn't move with the bolt then the hs is too loose and barrel should be screwed in one notch. If the action binds on closing then it's too tight and barrel is to be screwed out one notch.

I obviously prefer the later training manual field methods, but it's cool to see how it all started and what worked on the original.

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Many Thanks!!

Thanks Nosegunner!:D Now I know what all those little things on the rear sight are for. Maybe someday I'll use them.:rolleyes:

As far as really good grease for the barrel packing I use a synthetic one made by Lubrication Engineers Inc, nicknamed NGG for Nasty Green Grease by CaptRay. Its real name is 9901 Almasol Syntemp. We use at work to lube the mold joint that makes light bulbs. (Think molten glass) It stays on even after 1 or 2 too many belts. Ya need about a half belt to warm up the barrel and get her up to speed, but after that my "water heater" just keeps on going and going.
PS Nice FAST server for the file only took 11 seconds!
Thanks Again!

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Thanks a BUNCH for the Manual! I downloaded it and printed it off last evening for some "light" reading this afternoon. This manual gives concise information and allows most anyone to be able to operate the gun. In addition, it would be a good Manual to take to the range if you are new to gun and be able to diagnose any problem areas! Great to have this one too!
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