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the titel says it all
i run into a box with these chutes, most are stil in cosmoline and grease
i need to check how many i have but should be somewere between 20 and 30 pieces
now.... i,m only asking 20 dollar for each chute
lowest in shipping would be 3 chutes for 15 dollar
iff you want 1 the total would be 35 dollar
iff you want 2 the total would be 55 dollar
iff you want 3 the total would be only 75 dollar !!!
for more need to re-calculate shipping
iff you need more i wil do my best to combine shipping the the lowest i can
iff you want some, just write a reply on this topic,
need your name, and quantity
i wil get back to you asap
can take payments in 2 ways, a US money order send to a friend in the usa
ore discrete paypal, send only as a gift

check out the pictures
these only need to be degreased !!!! CIMG4782.jpg CIMG4781.jpg CIMG4780.jpg CIMG4779.jpg
1 - 4 of 4 Posts