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I have a like new Bren MKII manufactured by Wise Lite Arms in Boyd Texas for sale or trade. The Bren will come with the following (ammo if sold in Texas):
1 extra Barrel complete with handle (new)
14 Magazines and a Magazine Transit Chest
1,800+rnds of .303 FMJ
With ALL of the above in Texas $3,250.00 Dollars FTF If shipped the package will contain the all of the above EXCEPT the ammo.Price: $2,900.00 + Shipping
The cost of shipping will be actual cost without add-on pricing for the box or rifle case. I will ship the Bren in a foam lined rifle case (new).
I'm in the market for a Wise Lite produced M53 (MG42) that they manufacture for Century and Centerfire sells them also. IF a trade is worked out, I will trade the BREN, extra barrel and extra mags for the M53 unless you have 8mm to throw into the deal for the value of the .303
Pricing, Wise Lite is selling the Bren MKII's for $3,250.00 + TAX. New M53's sell for $2,399.00, so basicly your getting the spare barrel, 14 magazines and the magazine transit chest for FREE!The Bren runs 100% with QUALITY ammo. However, the ammo I have is PAKI. Now the PAKI that I have isnt as bad as you read about if your looking for blasting fodder. I get about 1 failure to fire out of each magazine, but it will always fire the second time when loaded again.
Please contact me via email for a phone number.
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