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WORKING Gen 2 Russian night vision binoculars. (passive) $200 shipped CONUS

These are Gen 2. None of the fish eye, out of focus nonsense associated with gen 1 Russian stuff, but not nearly as bright as Gen 3. These binos work, ocular lenses both adjust and the unit has been converted to run on a common CR123 (surefire style) battery. These are great entry level night vision. Please understand that they are 80's technology and the tubes are old and not super bright. There are no optical flaws, but the screens just arent very bright under normal night skys. I can look out my suburban deck and see all of my neighbors houses and identify trees, decks and sheds out to about 50 meters with no illum. However...if you use an IR flashlight, the visibilty increases dramatically. (You can read street signs at 100 yards) They are getting towards the end of their service life but are still great for puttering around. Its impossible to find Gen 2 stuff for less than 500 bucks, my price reflects an honest assessment of this device.

PROS: They work. They are gen 2 and have a FAR greater usable field of view and focus than gen 1. Batteries are easy to come by and they focus very well.

Cons: Tubes are old and not as bright as a new unit. There is a crack in the metal, (shown in pic) that does not effect function.

Payment via PP (+3%) or money order (checks accepted from members with 20 or more posts)

$200.00 shipped CONUS.

First 'Ill take it' gets it. Please PM me as well.
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