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titel says it all, we cleaned up the place overhere,
we dug up 2 nice complete tripods

one is a 1955 dated RIA complete with original T&E and pintle
this one has some surface rust on it, but not beaten up ore whatever, it,s in good condition
ill take $550.- for this shipped to your doorstep in the USA

next one is a lamson 1943 dated one, stil has almost all it,s finish left
also complete with pintle and original ww2 made T&E
this is the more rare model with the "bulged"feet
check pictures
ill take $ 600.- shipped for this one
please keep in mind that we actually pay 80 dollar for shipping and packing, per tripod,
it,s easy to calculate what the selling price is then

any buyer can pay me in 2 different ways
i can take PP for this as a gift, with a NO FEE charge for me !!
iff you dont like that you can use a reguliar postal US money order send to a good friend of mine in the usa.

first one who say,s ill take this ore ill take that wil be the new owner after i have recieved payment
and, just for your conscience we have shipped over dozens of these, so no problem shipping these over...


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Bump for some nice tripods and a great price on an original WWII pod.
Better grab one if you need one or you will miss out and be kicking yourself later.
These go up in value the same as guns do, sometimes more.
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