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i,m looking for a buyer, vendor, who might be interested in a hughe lott of M2HB parts

details about price wil be send to you iff interested via PM
these parts are located in europe, but we can take care of shipping to the usa
please dont PM me about buying seperat parts, we are selling this as ONE lott, we do not split this up...
besides some parts are still new packed, everything else is in very good condition. US made !!!!
here,s a list of parts and quantities available :

Part Qty.

ejector 112 new packed

M3 top cover stripped 22

cover latch shaft 32 new packed

link chute 23

wrench barrel support tool 23

barrel cocking handle 19 most newpacked

flash hider , single 33

flash hider , assy with cones 17

receiver brush 32

frame grip Set 63 most new packed

cocking handle 17

bolt spring w. rod 16

bolt latch 65 new packed

wrench muzzle tool 26

sear slide 45

sear stop 40

extractor assy 57

firing pin 50

cocking lever 46

firing pin extension 86

cocking lever pin 45

sear 33

sear spring 26
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