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Hi everyone, been a minute since I've been on. We all know how life gets in the way of hobbies so I need to get rid of all my small parts and stuff. Would like to move it in one lot if at all possible.
$650 plus shipping(hopefully it will all go in a flat rate box). Quantities are on the left, if anyone is really interested I'll be happy to send pics of some parts. Thank you for looking.
1 Drive Spring Rod
2 Feed Pawl Lever Izzy
1 Trigger
1 Accelerator
2 Breech Lock
2 Breech Lock Pins
3 Sear Springs
1 Front Sight Assy w/Base and Screw
1 Top Cover Extractor Spring
1 Rear Cartridge Guide Izzy
2 Barrel Plunger Springs
2 Barrel Plungers
2 Belt Feed Slides Izzy
2 Barrel Hacket Screws(ITW)
1 Trigger Stop Screw w/Nut Izzy
2 Trigger Pins w/Springs
5 Small Cotter Pins
1 Belt Feed Slide Pin
2 Barrel Lock Springs Izzy
1 Cocking Lever w/spring
1 Charging Handle
1 Trunnion Protector 7.62
10 NOS Firing Pins Stripped Izzy
1 MSG "The Works" Rivet Set w/Bits and Stuff
1 Belt Feed Lever Bushing Nut Izzy
1 Sear
1 Breech Lock Cam
1 Belt Feed Pawl Pin
1 Back Plate Adjusting Screw
1 Belt Holding Pawl Pin
1 Starter Tab
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1 M6 Combo Tool
1 Stuck Case Extractor 30cal NOS
1 Stripped Top Cover Izzy
1 Stripped Lock Frame Izzy
1 Stripped Barrel Extension
1 Stripped Bolt Izzy
1 Complete Top Cover Izzy(Forged)
Includes NOS Izzy Feed Pawl and USGI Feed Lever Parts
200 Izzy 7.62 Links
Thanks again for looking at the wall o text, feel free to shout with any questions.
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