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this is a list i made

prices are set. iff you want anything please respond to this treath what you want, quantity etc
i wil PM you with the total and shipping costs,
i wil try to do my best to keep shipping as reasenoble as possible, shipping is from belgium europe with standard airmail
packages with a weigth above 2 LBS wil have tracking.

the parts that say new packed are indeed new and never used, all other parts are in a good usable condition with hardly any wear.
for now we do have good amount off all these parts available
i have priced them right, do not ask for discount, prices are set.

ejector claw new packed $10.-

M3 cover stripped $90.-

cover latch shaft new packed $17.-

link chute $35.-

barrel cocking handle most nos $35.-

flash hider , assy NO cones $30.-

frame grip handle most new packed $35.- per two

cocking handle $20.-

bolt spring w. rod $ 30.-

bolt latch new packed $35.-

sear slide $10.-

sear stop $10.-

extractor assy $25.-

firing pin $15.-

cocking lever $12.-

firing pin extension $15.-

cocking lever pin $10.-

sear $10.-

sear spring $5.-
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