Nice 42 kit, was keeping it for me to build but kids in college and all that. I believe its German not Yugo, but I'm not an expert on these. ONE saw cut, missing all receiver pieces from trunnion back. You will need rear receiver stampings and rails to complete as a semi, or as a post sample. Muzzle area is uncut and in perfect condition. This kit has 2 good barrels, and I'll throw in a bunch of belts, I literally have a sandbag full of belts (all chromed) don't really want to count them. Also included is the MG42 reweld jig I just bought a few months ago, before I got the tuition bill. I have a pile of spare parts that I didn't photo, but they will be included as well. Basically anything 42 related still in my shop will go with this kit. First I'll take it and a PM gets it.
Tool Auto part Wood Metal Composite material

Wood Bicycle part Tool Gas Metal

Wood Air gun Gun accessory Gun barrel Tool

Camera accessory Cameras & optics Automotive tire Cylinder Gas

Bicycle part Rim Automotive tire Wood Auto part

Wood Gun accessory Trigger Personal protective equipment Auto part

Finger Bumper Thumb Auto part Automotive exterior

Wood Gas Gun accessory Tool Metal
Wood Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior Gas

Revolver Wood Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory