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FS: Model 112 savage in .220 swift

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This gun is up for sale on auctionarms.com for a friend of mine and it is under the same name as i use here ( csa4ever2001) The description i will list it here but pictures is on auction arms. Makes a great varmit gun. Just need money for new project. So i am helping him out..Everyone here that dealt with me knows im a great guy to deal with. A few people here has bought a few of my friends guns on this site and never had a complaint. It starts at 9:15 pm central time and runs for one week.

Description of gun.

What you are bidding on here is a Model 112 savage in .220 swift caliber, the gun is a single shot, solid reciever. It has a custom trigger installed in it and it breaks approx 10 oz on my gauge but for sure saying i know it is less than 1 lb of trigger pull. It has a heavy varmit stainless steel fluted barrel that measures .825 at the muzzle. It also has an oversized stainless steel bolt handle. The gun is pillar bedded, floated, and fiberglassed for the action in which the stock that is on it now is in. Gun comes with another stock that came on the gun from factory, and it also goes with it incase you perfer wood over fiberglass. The wood stock is also has been pillar bedded, floated, fiberglassed in for the action. It comes with 50-100 pieces of new brass i dont know right off hand how much i have but what new i have i will send to you. It is very accurate with 60 grain v-max bullets. gun has been fired less than 200 times. Reason for selling i need money for other projects. Gun comes with Leupold mounts and rings, but the scope will (NOT) be included. I will give you a ( 3 ) day inspection period that includes non firing it. If you arent satisfied with it send it back no hassle will be involved. Will refend all money less S&H. If your not happy with it during the ( 3 ) day inspection period. any questions feel free to call me M-F 9am-5pm Central Time and on sat 9am-12pm central time, at 205-393-5302 Thanks and happy bidding. Gun list at retail cost new is 784.00. FFl Will be required for shipping it to your ffl dealer. I will include a copy of an ffl of a copy of the dealers ffl where everything will go smoothly as possible.

Here is the direct link to it http://www.auctionarms.com/search/displayitem.cfm?ItemNum=8370165
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since the seller referral page is down i have done both brass and rifle purchasing through csa and all have gone flawlessly.

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