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SOLD: Model 1928 Tommy Gun DUMMY. (with new female modeling)


Im selling this for a buddy of mine, so bear with me. This is a DUMMY Tommy gun. I believe Denix is the manufacturer based on the 'Made in Spain' markings. Gun is made of metal and weighs very close to the original. Bolt retracts (doesnt hold open). Included is a dummy drum magazine, sling and the drum pouch. The only real 'bad' selling points I can see are 1) the bbl pulls out of the receiver. However, this will make shipping MUCH easier and can easily be fixed with some epoxy. 2) the rear stock has some wiggle to it. I dont know if there is a screw loose or not. I dont want to start taking it apart as its not mine to break. I think it just needs to be screwed down into place.

Other than that, its a solid dummy gun that will withstand anything from static displays to reenacting.

The bottom line, no bullshnizzle price is 200 shipped. (When you think about that, its like 175 for the gun, as shipping will be 25 bucks). Ive searched for pricing on this model and seen as low as 199 and as high as 350, but *nobody* has them in stock.

Prefer check or money order as this is going to a friend. First "Ill take it" gets it. Ships CONUS only.

As promised, a NEW female model......Zoey, the wonder Lab....

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