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titel says it all these are old stock, nos RPD drums complete with a 100rd metal belt included !!!
7.62 X 39 cal.
these came from an older ex DDR warehouse
100% polish / russian manufactured
all seem to be NOS, no wear inside
these have a 100 round belt included
for members on the board i,m knocking off two dollar of the original selling price.
price per drum is 33 dollar !!!!!

shipping prices:
shipping 1 drum = 15 dollar
shipping 2 drums = 28 dollar
shipping 5 drums = 38 dollar

you can PM me iff your interested, shipping these from belgium europe
please understand, i do NOT negotiate in prices for multiple items, price is fixed,
i did my best to calculate the actuall shipping costs.

DSC_0001.JPG DSC_0004.JPG DSC_0002.JPG DSC_0008.JPG

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Wow those are nice John and I wish I had done one of these builds but missed the boat and it would have been banned here anyways these days.
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