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I was chatting with Mike the other day, and he didn't realize that the FAL book I'd posted for sale is MY book. Yes, I am the author and publisher. So I thought, let me list the reference volumes I have now all in one place. Typically you can find these on Gunbroker as well.

The FN FAL Primer: The Collector's Guide to the FAL and SLR Rifles
My book- authored and published
Hardcover image wrap
238 pages full color
1,200 color images
Covers prototypes & trials, various country designs, furniture, bayonets, optics, etc.
$150 shipped to 1919a4 forum members, PM me

Lithgow! Australia's Self Loading Rifle
My book- authored and published
Hardcover image wrap
120 pages full color
300 (almost) color images
For the serious FAL fanatic, explores Australian prototypes and metric evaluation rifles, including the last heavy barrel trials rifle the X3 F2A2.
$84 shipped to 1919a4 forum members, PM me

MG34 Collector's Reference Guide
MG42 Collector's Reference Guide

My guides- authored and published
Tri-Folds to fit in your pocket- I carry these at KCR and when hunting on GB
Printed on heavy paper, gloss finish to reduce stains from your grubby gunshow paws
Quick, color coded references on manufacturers codes, production numbers, stuff to beware
$10 for both shipped to 1919a4 forum members, PM me

The next series are reprints. I wanted them for ME, so I spent the time to format, clean up, and professionally print on quality paper with heavy covers.

MAG58 - M240 GPMG Schematics and Parts List Manual
Softbound, perfect bound (like a standard book) with gloss cover
64 pages
14 full page schematics; 3 pages of accessories; 47 tools described
Great quick reference schematics "what is this part and where does it fit?"
$20 shipped to 1919a4 forum members, PM me

MAG58 - M240 Armorer's Technical Manual
Both perfect bound (like a book) and lay-flat coil bound available
Black & White
336 pages covering EVERYTHING, 297 diagrams, 141 tools shown
Absolutely awesome reprint of the FN MAG58 manual
$30 shipped for perfect bound / $35 shipped lay-flat coil bound to 1919a4 forum members, PM me

M60 Semi-Auto Build Tutorial - just arrived!
Lay-flat coil bound
Glossy color cover
Black & White
63 pages
Step-by-step M60 build tutorial developed by Eugene P many years ago
$25 shipped to 1919a4 members, PM me

I also have fixtures for rewelding the MG34 and MG42 receivers, can be used for both SOT and Semi-Auto. CAD high precision, made for me by defense contractor

MG34 Reweld Fixture
For repair & restoration of the MG34 receiver
$199 shipped to 1919a4 forum members, PM me

MG42 Reweld Fixture
For repair & restoration of the critical rear section of the MG42 receiver, also for M53 and MG3
$89.95 hipped to 1919a4 forum members, PM me

All of the above are for shipment to USA only, US citizens only.

Next book ideas? Vickers or MG42? Browning 30s? Unlike the Collector's Grade type books, my authored reference volumes are arranged for collectors- easy to find parts comparisions and identification, all like items grouped (e.g. all the bayonets covered in one section, not spread throughout the book). And of course, FULL COLOR.

I'm happy to work with aspiring authors to publish your book. Have an idea? Let's chat.

Distributor level quantity pricing available on all products
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