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FS swiss MG 51 BELT LOADER price lowered !!

the title says it all, SWISS MG 51 GURTFULLER/ beltloader.
nice looking and in GOOD working order
mechanics of this loader is just like the watches they made......
these can be used for different calibers, you can check on earlyer post and comments
just use the search engine for "swiss loader"

****** UPDATED at MARCH 19th 2017 price drop, now $400. ******************

now for shipping........
just the loader itself would be 70 dollar shipping, iff you want the transit case also
the weight much more so i,m paying more to ship also, shipping the complete set is about 110 dollar,
i leave it up to the buyer, iff he wants just the loader ore the complete set with box.
i can take discrete PP sended as a gift ore a US money order send to a good friend in the USA.
you can PM me when interested.

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John I have one of these and they are the Cadillac for loading German belts. I love mine much more than the German models.
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