FS: Yugoslavian M57 Tok in 7.62 Tok caliber. Gun is in good condition, retains a conservative 85% bluing (some holster wear on slide near muzzle end) Bore is nice and shiny. I deep cleaned the gun, removed all the cosmo goo and inspected everything. Ive owned several of these guns, they are fun to shoot and fire one hell of a round. (For those of you who have never fired one, they have less felt recoil than a 9mm) They were everywhere a year ago and seemed to have dried up.

Looking to get 300.00 + $25 shipping CONUS on this.

First 'Ill take it' gets it.

You know the drill, must ship to an FFL. (Gun is C&R eligible)

I prefer Zelle, will accept money order or personal checks from members with over 20 posts.