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Geek alert - M16 airsoft question

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OK, yes I know it is an airsoft. :( But looking at picking up an airsoft m16 for shooting with the kids. Wife will not let me shoot the AC556 or 10/22 even suppressed in the basement.

so looking for a toy.

Anyone have any experience with these that can say yes or no to certain models? I trust this site more than AR15 or the multitude of "selling site" reviews.

Looking at the UTG model 4 from Leapers. Advertised for about $300 ready to go (no acc.).

Any recomendations other than "get a life":(

Thanks all,

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I have several,,,very fun and cheap to shoot. M1a1 Thompson(Tokyo Marui),MAC 11 (gas gun) very fast,@1200 RPM,,,M14 and MP40. All work great and are hard hitting. Worth the small amount of money. You can also train with them with live buddies(CQB),,,,just wear eye protection.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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