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I couldn't figure out how to put the changed title on the listing...hope this isn't a problem.

I lowered the asking prices for the 308/7.62....

1,000 rounds of South African-7.62x51 Ball M1A3 (wt. 54 pounds) $500

2 cases of 1,000 rounds of British L2A2 (Radnor?) in wood crates (wt. 58 pounds) $500/each

1,000 of German (Austrian?) in 200 round vinyl carry packs labeled "200 Patronen wiechkern" and the bottom of the cases says "DAG 79" (wt. 54 pounds) for $500

540 rounds of I don't know who made it...the metal cartridge box says: "Carts S.A. 7.62 Ball A", the bottom of the brass cases say "7.62 KF 75" (wt. 36 pounds) $280 Since this is Indian (and I've never been a great fan of Indian ammo, the price is lowered to $245.

All brass cased and great quality, the S.A, German (Austrian) and the Brit stuff is beautiful. All the bullets and cases are non-magnetic.

I'll split the shipping via Fedex Ground to buyers in the continental US.
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