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So not long ago, I ended up with a deactivated Mg08/15 feed block. The sliding mechanism had been welded to the housing at a single point (Courtesy of Uncle Sam post war). To add insult to injury, they also broke the arm on the bottom of the block as is commonly encountered in the doughboy trophy guns.

Now, I like to think I'm an engineer. And I spent a lot of time in college modeling random junk for assignments. So I got it in my head to make a CAD model of this feed block. I can knock out the weld pretty easily, but how do you remove the spring latch for the belt? (Picture is just something I pulled off the internet for reference)

I can see a middle section with a hole. There was a cotter pin inside, but after I removed it, nothing seemed ready to come apart. I've fiddled with it in various ways, but nothing got me anywhere, and I certainly don't want to break this thing!

How the heck do you take this German overengineering apart?


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