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German parachute material found in attic

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Great finds can still be found.

Met an elderly gentleman in his late 80's, a Browning water cooled machine gunner in the Army who was in Germany in 1945. He told me that while searching through an attic he found a roll of camo silk material which I believe was used in the manufacture of parachutes. He brought the roll back with him to the states and has had it ever since. Over the years he said his wife used a little bit of it for misc. reasons, but still had over 60 feet left on the roll which is 3 feet wide.

I did respectfully attempt to get more of the story of what unit he was with and what German city/town he found this in from this gentleman but he indicated that he did not have any fond memories and so I left it as is.

As a Fallschirmjager reenactor this is a great find!

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