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Got .30'06 Barrels?

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I needed a few extra 1919A4 barrels for spares, so I bought some USED ones cleaned them up and reparked them. ALL of them had surface corrosion/shallow pitting on the outside which I removed by brushing bores were cleaned, and chambers polished. I pitched several that were beyond redemption.

These ARE NOT NEW BARRELS! they are reconditioned USED barrels I will sell them as follows:

2 D-35233 Rock Island $60 ea +$15 Shipping
1 D-35233-14 Saginaw $60 + $15 Shipping
The above barrels have good strong bores, sharp lands, and appear to be servicable with only minor pits on on bearing surfaces, they have been reparked. I would class them as good/very good

The following 2 barrels are sold as a lot of 2 I would class them as blasters with fair bores a few dark spots, and about half of the life remaining, lands are present but edges are worn. I would estimate good bearing surfaces. They should be reasonably good shooters, but will be harder to keep clean than the above three barrels. They have been reparked.

1 D-35233 Rock Island and 1 D-35233-6 Saginaw both for $60 and $20 Shipping. These are already boxed up for shipment, so I'm not going to split them up.

This is the best description I can offer, I don't have a barrel errosion guage or a breech bore guage so I can give absolute numbers.

Here's a chance to get usuable spares without spending an arm and a leg.

Payment by US Postal Money order.

The attached picture is of the "blasters", I know, you cant see the bores, I'm lucky to get this much posted.

For further info e-mail me [email protected]


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PM me with detail on where to send funds, i will take the D-35233 Rock Island $60 ea +$15 Shipping if its still available. :confused:
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