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Great analysis of a Rifle Kaboom (M1A)

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From year 2001, don't know how it ever escaped me - but makes you want to buy USGI all the time.

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Probably a home made barrel! Really old stuff, but very interesting, 'cause someone might put their eye out.
That was not the problem !!

A slam fire was the blame; IT can happen in ANY firearm that has a free floating firing pin; has happened innumerous times in M-1 Rifles; M-1 Carbines, M14 Military rifles; and civilian clone M1A's Mosy AK's and other semi auto military rifles can also Kaboom like this !! Also why do you think Poly Tech added a spring to the last AK bolts that they imported into this country? ; along with the spring loaded firing pin that is found in most of the legend series AK's-- This is not a freak occurance, and may be happening in 1919's without anyone being able to diagnose the problem as of yet !
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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