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good supply of foam

just thought i would add that most of those boring fabric stores carry a decent supply of foam in various sizes and thicknesses. build the insert in stages to fit the ma.
start with one full layer on the bottom and top of the case, use a sharpie to mark the pattern on the two thicker inner layers--stay a little undersize on the tracing to avoid a loose fit.
the best way to cut the foam is to use a bandsaw--it makes a smooth cut.
3m headliner adhesive from the auto parts store works great to adhere the full uncut sheets to the patterned sheets.
remember, it is important to cut the foam smaller than ol' ma sho she dosen't shift around in transit.
if you really want to go overboard, you can line the trimmed area by gluing flannel to it with the same adhesive. after this you can lightly spray the flannel with a moisture retardant such as 3-36 to keep corrosion from being a problem.
i have used this method in the past and saved a ton of money--before you know it, you will be taking orders at knob creek.

just a note, be sure to get the most dense or rigid foam that you can find.

bernie --- delmiltrucks
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