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Great way to spend a Saturday

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What a great day,,, I headed to the local gun shop to help a guy finish a 1919 he was building,, we test fired it last tuesday,, ran like a champ. Sat around with him and another guy and talked guns for a couple of hours. I then went to a friends house and had a sit down with his son,,, just got home for eighteen days from Iraq, he is an MP over there teaching IP,,, I knew him when he was just a little kid,,, he now has a beautiful wife and a six month old baby boy. We talked about things that you can't discuss via e-mail,, At least now I know where he is,,, He brought me a beautiful shemag,, direct from Iraq,,, what a great kid,, he's coming over this week to play with some of my toys,,, Great Day.
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Sounds like you had a good one. What's a "shemag"??
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