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Great way to spend a Saturday

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What a great day,,, I headed to the local gun shop to help a guy finish a 1919 he was building,, we test fired it last tuesday,, ran like a champ. Sat around with him and another guy and talked guns for a couple of hours. I then went to a friends house and had a sit down with his son,,, just got home for eighteen days from Iraq, he is an MP over there teaching IP,,, I knew him when he was just a little kid,,, he now has a beautiful wife and a six month old baby boy. We talked about things that you can't discuss via e-mail,, At least now I know where he is,,, He brought me a beautiful shemag,, direct from Iraq,,, what a great kid,, he's coming over this week to play with some of my toys,,, Great Day.
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The Shemag is a traditional arabic headwear,, also a Keffiyeh http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keffiyeh

He got it in the town he is based in,, it is the red checked type,, kinda looks like a tablecloth you might see in an Italian restaurant,,, Very fine thread work.
I specifically asked him how his head was,, Delayed stress worries me,,, he is on patrol but spends much of his time training the IP,, from what he said, they aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer when it comes to police work. Unfortunately he's to return in a very short time,, soakin up as much family time as possible. He said he is a bit twichy driving down the road,, I suggested he might avoid becoming a letter carrier for the Post Office when he gets home for good,, he laughed about that. Such a good kid,, I'm proud to know him,,, it was a special time.

Lookin forward to Tuesday,,, I'll take some pictures to share.
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