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Gun Confiscation and Arrests in the US Happening Right NOW!!!!

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Kommiefornia has finally went off the deep end. Now they are sending Swat Teams door to door to confiscate firearms and arrest those that own them.
It was only a matter of time before this happened in Kommiefornia. Wonder how long before it starts spilling over into the other states.

Keep Your Powder Dry,


See Story Below:


LA County Gun Task Force Serving Search Warrants
July 16, 2006

Officers from the Los Angeles County Gun Task Force in CA have begun serving search warrants on residents in that county who are suspected of holding un-registered "Assault Rifles" including 50 BMG target rifles.

If you or any of your friends have not complied with the provisions of AB-50 that require you to register any 50 BMG rifles you own, you may very well expect a knock on your door at any time.

This information was received from a former ATF agent in CA:

"I have a friend who had a search warrant executed by the LA gun task force at his apartment, which is located above a home, within LA city limits a few months back. This task force is headed up by ATF, with LAPD and LASO being the primary agencies participating. Pursuant to the warrant execution, one Springfield M1A with its' original flash hider attached and numerous .50 cal incendiary type bullets (Projectiles) were seized. My friend was not arrested at the time and led to believe the case might not even be prosecuted. The task force left his entire gun collection, which is extensive, with him at his apartment. A little more info here for you to consider. My friend has no criminal record of any kind, is a decorated Vietnam vet, is gainfully employed as a carpenter, and is law abiding.

A couple of weeks ago, the task force came back to his apartment and arrested my friend and charged him with five felonies. He was taken to jail where he remained for two days until his bail was set and met. He is charged with being in possession of an unregistered assault rifle, and in possession of destructive devices, and in possession of destructive devices within so many feet of a school. Five felonies under California law in total.

Being a retired ATF special agent myself, I contacted the case agent who happens to be a LAPD detective assigned to the task force. I asked him why such a chicken ##### case was being prosecuted. Why were they ruining my friend's life after his service to our country and the fact that he has no past criminal record. I asked him what happened to law enforcement using common sense and discretion in a case like this. The detective told me they didn't make the laws, but it was their job to enforce the law and that the DA has a no tolerance policy regarding firearms.

I tried to explain to him that the M1A rifle with its' original flash hider was legally sold to 1000's of people in CA before the assault rifle law was even enacted. Many of these original owners to this day do not know they are in violation by having the flash hider on their rifle. The detective didn't care. I explained that on at least two prior occasions I had contacted DOJ myself and had been informed the explosive bullets were legal in California as they are under ATF law, as long as they were not loaded into a case and able to fire. He said that was incorrect info and that under CA law the bullets alone are destructive devices and that each individual bullet could be charged separately."

During the past several months FCI has received several inquiries from people who are possibly California residents who have been asking what they should do because they hadn't registered their firearms before the required date. We have told everyone they need to contact an attorney to find out the best possible way to deal with this situation.

FCI recommends the same to everyone. A good law firm to contact would be:

Trutanich-Michel LLP
180 E. Ocean Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 216-4444
Also be aware that I spoke to Bill Ritchie at EDM Arms, Inc. recently and he had several customers who had purchased 50 BMG target rifles on a time payment program. The customers had not picked up their rifles before the expiration of the registration period and now all the firearms have to be turned in to the Dept of Justice in CA for destruction.
This is a very serious matter for owners as well as manufacturers. It appears that LA County Gun Task Force and possibly DOJ in CA are looking for an opportunity to make an example out of an otherwise Law Abiding citizen. Don't let it be you. Seek good legal advice before you get a knock on your door when you least expect it.

John Burtt, Chmn

California Attorney General Issues Clarification Letter
April 7, 2006

Earlier this year, FCI board member and Trutanich - Michel, LLP attorney Jason Davis was informed of a letter from the California Department of Justice ("CADOJ") in response to an individual inquiry regarding multi-caliber receivers and the .50 BMG registration requirements. The CADOJ letter was dated October 15, 2004 and was signed by CADOJ Firearms Division Field Representative David Witt. The letter stated that multi-caliber registrations would not be accepted. Click below to see the CADOJ October 15, 2004 letter.

(Pg 1) http://fiftycal.org/content/DOJletter1.jpg

(Pg 2) http://fiftycal.org/content/DOJletter2.jpg

In response to the CADOJ, multiple inquiries were received from the general public. Mr. Davis then sent an inquiry to the CADOJ requesting further clarification of the .50 BMG laws on March 2, 2006. Mr. Davis' letter included requests for clarification of the CADOJ's position on various combinations of receivers and parts, and whether each combination was required to be registered under California law. The request also inquired whether a combination that was prohibited from being registered, such as the multi-caliber receiver referenced in the Witt letter, would still be a .50 BMG rifle for the purposes of prosecution.

On April 6, 2006, Mr. Davis received the CADOJ's position on the various combinations. The official position denounces the earlier Witt letter and also identifies their position on the various combinations. This letter marks a change in policy from the Witt opinion as well as identifies, in a conflicting fashion, the responsibility of .50 BMG rifle owners and multi-caliber rifle (that accept .50 BMG uppers) owners to register their firearm. Click below to see the CADOJ April 6, 2006 letter.


This latest letter demonstrates the complicated and confusing nature of the California .50 BMG law. Mr. Davis has informed FCI that he will continue to seek clarification of the matters discussed in the letter. But to ensure that there is no potential for criminal liability; FCI recommends that any person in the State of California in possession of any .50 BMG receiver or any receiver capable of accepting a .50 BMG receiver register their receiver, regardless of whether it is "fully functional."

FCI would also like to emphasize to all 50 BMG owners in CA that the deadline for registration is rapidly approaching. Don't put off the registration process any longer. The last day to register is April 30, 2006. To obtain a registration form, visit your local firearms dealer.

Please support our efforts in California and other states to protect your rights to own the .50 caliber. You can help fund this cause by visiting our web pages (below), or by phone donations to 405-769-7851, or by mail-in donations to "FCI, PO Box 1128, Choctaw, OK, 73020."

Your support is critical:
http://www.50cal.org/support.php / http://www.50cal.org/events.php

Keith Pagel
Executive Director
Fifty Caliber Institute

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That is some I hate Kali and hope the country falls off in the ocean and none of them bastards can swim. I feel for you guys that llive there, to a certain extent. You know how it is, you know they rob you of your rights and yet you stay and then complain. Dont complain, get out and live free!

All it is gonna take is one person, who has had enough, maybe served and fought for his country, just to 20 yrs later have his rights taken away (that he fought for), thrown in jail and labeled a bad guy and then SNAP and earn the title that the gubment has placed on him as a felon with 5 counts. Where is this beloved nra?, they arent even worth capatalizing. They sit on the sidelines and fatten their pockets and tell you how they need more $$$. Then they help make the laws that screw us over. F&^$ the nra and Kali also!
The way I see it Kommifornia Gunowners Have 1 of 3 Choices.

I wonder if the Jackboot bastards will reconsider when they start taking casualities as a result of their Nazi tactics. Why do gunowners still live in Kommiefornia. Why do they put up with this bullshit? Looks like the state is beyond hope as far as using the process? Kommiefornia seems to be run by idiots and illegals. The way I see it Kommifornia gunowners have one of 3 choices left:

1. Leave Kommifornia and come back to the US to a state that still recognizes the Constitution.

2. Organize a resistance movement and start fighting for keeps.

3. Stay in Kommifornia as it continues its downward spiral; and be arrested or killed by some trigger happy Swat Nazis of the State.

As far as I see, Kommifornia gunowners are beyond the point of being able to work with the system there. Kommiefornia gunowners are facing the same thing that the Jews faced in Hitlers Germany and as it was then, the choices are the same. Wonder if the outcome will be the same or will there be another Warsaw Ghetto uprising?

Keep Your Powder Dry,

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Option #2 sounds best, but in reality there should of been a 4th, stay in Kali, deal with bein F%$#ed every day and dont whine to the rest about it, you made the choice.
It's frightening and saddening to see honest Americans getting caught up in gun-law loop holes? Back in the 80?s I owned a Galil .308 ARM that I had to dump because of the assault rifle ban. I didn?t follow the news and found out that I was in possession of an illegal weapon ? even though I am a law abiding citizen who bought the rifle legally and have no intention of breaking laws?

I subsequently purchased an Ishapoor Enfield (bolt action) and a FAL built to ?CA-legal? specs on a ?thumb-hole? stock. I lost track of keeping up with the present laws and later found out that the FAL I bought SPECIFICALLY to comply with CA laws had been banned at a later date!!! God, I was a fugitive (for a short time) and didn?t even know it! The FAL was a keeper and I had since met many Nevada residents through a non-profit charitable organization that I belong to. I hastily moved my FAL up to Reno and longed for another .308???. I finally wound up buying a CA legal M1A that has the muzzle brake instead of the flash hider. Truth be known, I can lay down fire MUCH more effectively with this rifle because the brake works so much better at controlling muzzle climb than the flash hiders on my past rifles ever did. I?ve heard that Lockyer wants to ban M1A?s (especially the SOCOM), so now I try and keep up with new amendments to the gun laws here ? but mine?s a ?standard?. If I have to, I?ll move the M1A standard up to Reno to keep FAL company (but hope that I won?t have to..)

Before the M1A, I had confined my gun purchases to bolt action mil-surp rifles and lever action cowboy guns.. But it wouldn?t surprise me if they ban the M1A, so I?m trying to keep my eye out for this unfortunate news ? if it happens.

One day I was at my local gun shop and saw the 1919a4 on the rack and was drawn to it after finding out that these guns were re-manufactured in semi-auto to shoot .308. After a period of saving up, I finally ordered an Ohio ?rapid-fire?, so I could have another gun to shoot .308.

The truth is that it wouldn?t surprise me to hear of an upcoming ban on 1919a4?s, so I?m ready to move it up to Reno as well. I?m in the middle of taking a medical retirement (due to a lower back injury) and plan to re-locate out of state upon retirement anyways.

What?s so scary about all this is that people who go out of their way to comply with gun laws (that change like the tide level) get caught up and are subjected to long prison terms. I would have left California a long time ago if my job didn?t keep me here. It?s tragic that illegal aliens get a pass (or better treatment) than working, tax-paying citizens who simply enjoy shooting sports in this state. Fortunately, I should be able to move out of here within a few months or so.

In the end, it?s California that loses? I work hard and pay taxes, own a home and property, and am a good citizen. The net effect is that people like me are encouraged to leave because of needless fears of not keeping up with the latest change to any gun law... Who?s gonna be paying the taxes then?
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It seems they plan on runnin all you legal gun owners out of their country, im sure before its over with alot of good people are gonna get in alot of trouble just because they dont keep up with all the changing gun laws. It drives me that they get by with all this. Like i said, wheres the precious nra?
What happened to the movement to split California into two states? I would like to help them all I can.
Seig Heil!!!!

I pray for you guys! :mad:
Gun Confiscation and Arrests in the US Happening Right NOW !!!!

Reading the comments posted to the above, it sounds like a large percentage of you are whacko.:p :mad:
RM Smithing,

Why do you think some of us are whacko? Is it whacko for SWAT Nazis to enforce unconstitutional laws? How about SWAT teams storming into peoples houses at 3am and killing innocent gunowners just because they own a politically incorrect firearm? Do you really support Un-Constitutional and illegal laws? Do you support governments that oppress their citizens and turn them into subjects? Do you support Jackbooted thugs breaking into people's houses and murdering them as they sleep?

Maybe you should re-examine who here is the whacko one.

The way I see it the left wing democrat politicians and their RHINO Republican lapdogs are the ones that are whacko. They are the ones that are setting the stage for people to get hurt on both sides. What will happen when one of the Kommifornia Swat teams busts in on someone and that someone happens to defend him/herself from the jackbooted goons invading their home? I can tell you what will happen; eventually the invading jackboots are going to start taking casualties and gunowners are going to be killed; it will be a trajedy for both sides. Each incident will mean that both sides will lose people and both sides will have lives ruined.

The politicians that enact these senseless laws don't care about the number of lives that are ruined by these traitorous laws. All they care about is advancing their agenda and their power. They do not care about the police nor do they care about their citizens. They see police as expendable "Tools," to be used to bring the subjects in line. Unfortunately some of the police do not see they are being used and foolishly believe they are doing what is right. Sadly they are deluded into thinking that the law can never be wrong. They genuinely think they are doing the right thing.

Then their are those officers that do know what they are doing is wrong but they justify it to themselves and others using the "Just following orders," logic to justify their actions; the so called "Nuremburg Defense."

Last you have those police that know what they are doing is wrong but they are high on the power and the ability to abuse that comes with the badge. This last group acts not out of a belief in the law, or ignorance; their actions are purposeful. This group does not care who or what is in power nor what oppressive laws are passed so long as they get their pay, benefits, and the ability to boss around the citizenry (or subjects). Their motto is: "Us vs Them" and they exalt themselves as being far removed from following the laws that the mere peasants must follow; for they are above the law.

So just which side are you on RM Smithing. Do you support the Constitutional Rights of others or are you with the group that wants to see those rights removed? I am sure a good deal of the Jews also sided with the Nazis until it was their time to take a shower.

The way I see it the system is broken and no longer workable. Kommifornia gunowners only have one of the three options to choose from.

1. Leave Kommifornia and move to a state that still recognizes the Constitution.:(

2. Fight for Keeps.:(

3. Stay and be arrested or killed.:mad:

Keep Your Powder Dry,

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Remember when England dis-armed -- the first two times? And who helped save their a**** by assisting with re-armament? Guess who's gonna' do the same thing the THIRD time?! There's a new major crime problem in England, and much of Western Europe, right now, with rampant thugs, crooks, gangsters common criminals, illegals and jihadists.

I would like to take up a collection to hire a group of mercenaries to take out those F#[email protected] BATF and other screwed up gov. & local agencies. If someone would start taking out those worthless BATF people maybe they would think twice before raiding peoples homes. Personlly I'm ready for those dumb F&#%S. It's a shame the Confederacy didn't win. I can guarantee this crap would never have gotten this far!!! :D
The nra is busy writing a press release detailing how they are supporting gun owners...


Hey California is the grand experiment that we know doesn't work, you know it doesn't work. Where's our support from out of state from you guys. I don't sit around on my butt. I'm not complaining I'm doing what I have to do to support the cause including getting new generations to the firing line. I'm not the kinda turkey to tuck tail and run... besides they may shoot you in the back anyway.

Free the Republic
They are also out looking for unregistered asault pistols... the infamouse walther p22 in it's unmodified condition is an assault weapon..

If you didn't get your pistol fixed here you can expect a visit.
Here I the peoples republic I took my grandson to a cannon shoot
one summer.:D When school started in Sept. they ask him what he did that summer He told them.:eek: for one day the school drill him about what was there who was there and why he was there :eek: He doesn't talk at school anymore and they don't know why:confused: He had learn about anti gun maggots

I am in n.j. and we are not much better
Why dont all you gun owners not show up for work one day, that will really show em, HA the mexicans are makin a bigger impact then you guys, maybe they do deserve the right to stay and your guns should be taken away. Cant you guys get together and stand up for what you all want to fight for? I feel for you guys but it just dont seem to me you want to fight for it. For example, if you want to type a arguement about it on the computer, dont just do it here, do it to your congress man and every other person up top who could maybe help.
Why is it that the non-Kalifornians are giving up on us? We're the Marines on the front line! What happens here will end up swallowing up the rest of the country, if you don't believe that you are a fool. I ***** about the NRA giving up on Kalifornia, and now you guys are abandoning us too.

I write our Representatives, I participate in Pro-gun activities, and I still support the NRA even though they are doing no good here. There are very few avenues for us to combat this menace, and support from this community is ABSOLUTELY necessary for us to prevail.

If you want to give up on us, that's your choice, but if we fall you're next.
Seeing how I know the story behind this story, here's some info.

This guy is an idiot, he bought the M1A w/o a flash hider that Kali deemed "evil" and "illegal". How do I know this? Because I know the person that sold it to him. This person had to cut the flash hider off with a dremel because it wouldn't come off with regular tools and he didn't want to register it as an AW.

This guy (buyer) goes and reinstalls the illegal flash hider, he must have told people about it also, like an idiot would. So one of the idiots that he told got busted for something and ratted him out. He gets a knock on his door and in marches the MAN. The MAN not only finds the now illegal M1A but the illegal API rounds.

I do agree that all of this is BS over a piece of metal and a couple of words. But he could've avoided all of this by keeping his mouth shut and/or not re-installing the flash hider. The ammo issue is just part of the whole bust, EACH round carries a FELONY in Kalifornia. Again BS but being stupid and thumbing your nose openly will get it cut off.
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