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Gun help for my Tenant gal......

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Tenant gal quick to help me or Donna.....sooooo....when she showed up with a Feinwerk pellet gun, I repaired the broken stock. She got .177 pellets at Rural-King. It will not propel the pellet the length of the 18" barrel. Have to shove them out with a welding rod. And, the chamber area is plugged with some sort of rust-colored fiber like material after each try. Brushes right off. We tried it 6-8 times........same thing each time. I have oiled it here and there.

This thing is a 'spring' operator......or so it seems. I am leery of dismantling what may be a dangerous captured spring.........

Any one familiar with this thing.????????

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Probably needs new seals. I know almost nothing about these pellet guns but there are youtube videos out there on how to disassemble and repair. What model is it?
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Model seems to be 'Sport 124'...... How come I never think to check youtube for how-to vids??? She is much better at finding that kind of stuff. She is in and out frequently.....we will get our heads together next time she shows up. Works all kinds of strange shifts. Has the keys to two of the local banks.

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