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Gun owners do you need anymore proof?

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Hitlery is not stupid , Richardson has an A+ with the NRA and GOA.
Bill and Hill have been hanging around N.M. the last week.
This move will totally screw all contenders.
Write McCain ,Romney ,tell them you want Palin and you want her NOW.

Or just surrender.
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...he said it best....

" If a law is repugnant to the Constitution....it has no merit. It should not be obeyed and there is no obligation to enforce it." (Chief Justice Joseph Story) This is a bit out of context....but the point should be very clear. Now that I have spoken my peace at the FBI and ATF booths at the Shot Show....and told them that their agencies are just short of criminal in their "enforcement" of the current gun laws....I just may have a "visit' from these guys. As I get older and more ornery....don't really care if they show up....as long as they don't try to railroad me or violate my rights. Brings to mind and old song...... "Lets go out in a blaze of glory. Lets go out like we came in....". Hate to sound fatalistic....but God help the poor bastards that try to take away our guns .....
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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