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Gun owners do you need anymore proof?

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Hitlery is not stupid , Richardson has an A+ with the NRA and GOA.
Bill and Hill have been hanging around N.M. the last week.
This move will totally screw all contenders.
Write McCain ,Romney ,tell them you want Palin and you want her NOW.

Or just surrender.
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Romney and McCain can eat S$$t.
If this guy is on Hillerys side ,and the dufus RNC is pulling another Bob Dole on me !!!
I will vote Dem.!!!!
Untill i see Palin on the RNC , I will belive these guys are idiots and do not deserve that office.
At least right now it looks like Hillery has a MF Brain.
Go on ,Fire up ,but i have been saying this for a year now.

PS ,i guess no one really wants to keep thier guns , all TSHTF talk ?
No Emails to the wonderful McCain about this .
Gun Owners ?
Doust thow haveith thye Head up toughest Arsse?

Good Morning Mrs President ,get used to it.
Governors Mansion Santa Fe New Mexico.
Hillery Clinton standing on the steps of the Governors Mansion ,on her way out of the State to get ready for Super Tuesday.

My opponent's would like you to believe that i am un -Constitutional ,and anti 2nd Amendment.
These lies are just as relevant as all the other lies the right has leveled against me.
I am anti crime , an individuals right to keep arms is to be judged by the stability of that individual.
The 2nd Amendment is a privilege in todays world, backed up by a right.
When i posted that it was ongoing from 1800hrs yesterday.
It was mostly about the Super Bowl ,but a reporter was asking questions as to a VP thing going on there .
Richardson's pro gun stance is coming up a lot lately and on an ABC feed Hillary was walking outside to an awaiting car and said something to this effect.
Sorry i was trying to get someone else to tune in if they could and hear this crap because i cant find a link to that part of the story.
What was on ABC was a recap from earlier as to the strange connection between the Clinton's and Richardson.
He will be her VP ,if she gets nominated ,its another example how she flip flops and says only things that benefit her at the time.
Lucky even if people do not do anything.
Or if McCain and Romney do not listen.
Then the smarter Candidate will win.
Not that i want her to ,but the smarter will win.
Funny how all of this came out in a sneaky way right before Tuesday.
Typical Clinton.
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