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Gunbroker or Guns America???

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Can you guys give me some good feedback on what you would consider the best site for selling firearms such as Gunbroker or GunsAmerica or whoever. Who has the best rates and user friendly and so forth. Thanks.....Kev
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I use Gunbroker a lot, they have a user friendly site and large pictures of the firearms. IMHO
I've bought off of Gunbroker and Auction Arms, but usually only sell on Gunbroker...seems to get more exposure there.
I use Gunbroker. I've had great experiences in buying and selling there. They also don't charge you anything untill you sell something. (unlike Ebay that charges you a listing fee!)
I have purchased several items on Gunbroker, and it seems to be a more downhome kind of place. Prices are more in line with what I want to see, and everyone I've dealt with is tremendously good people.
I've bought several guns on Gunbroker, and have had good results. You can check out sellers feedback and find ones that are great to deal with. Plus, there's always a large selection of items that are easy to search for. I've never sold anything, however, as a buyer, I think you'd have good exposure and a good chance to sell your items.
Thanks a million

I really appreciate the info guys. Thanks for all the feedback. Looks like I will set up on ths Gunbroker....Kev
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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