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Gunsmithing: Liscense required?

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Wanted to start another "Business" as the last one just isn't making any profit.;) Figured I would start a "Gunsmithing" shop. Anyone a Ohio gunsmith? Not looking to be competition, just looking for ... what's a good way to say "Tax dodge"?
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Getting an FFL for gunsmithing is easy, provided your city/town doesn't have quirky zoning laws about home businesses it is often easier to do that rather than as a "dealer".

They are both the same license but on the application to ATF you would specify if it is a "dealer" business or "gunsmithing. A gunsmith doesn't have to have regular business hours and does not "normally" sell (deal if you prefer) guns as a matter of course.

The record keeping requirements are the same as are the premises visits and oversight. The ATF does pay attention when they audit your records if you're selling more guns than you fix they can require you to have regular business hours and they can get REAL cranky if you don't have the proper zoning stuff taken care of.

I've been there, done that and I can share with you that it's not all that easy to make a profit fixing guns! But, if you're good at what you do...
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