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Heads up

Hi all.... I bought this new a while back for my 42 Jeep. It looks awesome, but the reality is I should have a repro one instead of a real semi-auto. It is quite awesome as you can imagine. WW2 configuration (although they didn't change much even up to current times). Included with the new (rebuilt by JNC in Oregon) gun is a new in box military tripod (dated 1943 I think), also tools, manuals, some links, and a couple of cans of linked ammo. Let me know if you have any questions. Also, there is a blue striped "training barrel" included. I would like $10K, which is cheaper than new, no tax, and included ammo and tools, linkers, etc, make it a great deal. Might take some interesting trades, HK stuff, WW2 military, etc.

Will also sell the vehicle mount separately if anyone wants to mount this to your vehicle!
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