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Not a Guru !!!


Thanks for the comment, but I'm NOT a 1917 guru. For the most part I'm a FNG on the 1917's. I'm learning but I've got a long way to go.


We were out makeing noise today on the 4th. What I'm useing for packing is some old graphite string with a good grease. Front and back. The grease I was useing was the white mold makers grease. Some guys have said good wheel bearing grease works well. I've noticed that the graphite string leaks a bit when you start, but as the heat and water hits it, it will swell a bit and seal up pretty good. The stuff I have seems to be older than I am and not really sure whats all in it. I've got a spool of graphite valve cord comeing from a local plumbing outfit. I'm waiting to see what it looks like, to have maybe a source of stuff to use and send out with my jackets.

I've tried some of the teflon cord and at first it looked OK, but after it heated up it shrunk a bit and started to leak. It might just of been the type that I had. Some guys have good luck with it.

I am trying to find something that is avalible and holds up well. Being keep busy makeing the jackets kind of limits my field testing:( ...Lou
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