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Hard To Cycle?

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I just finished building my first 1919.:D

It seems harder than it should to cycle the gun. I have to really pull on the bolt handle to get it to cycle. I know that the barrel on the gun is offset. The front of the barrel drags on the left side of the booster. The gun has a KMP trigger and sear and sometimes I can only pull the bolt back about 2". When this happens, if I pull the trigger the bolt slides back. I do not have this problem if I dry fire it.

Should I headspace with the booster on or off? The FAQ's (on the old site)say to headspace with booster off. Everything else that I have read does not mention removing the booster.
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If you get the bolt unlocked does the bolt move freely? On mine it takes more pressure to unlock the bolt and once it unlocks it moves pretty good.
Yes, once it is unlocked it moves easier. It is just hard for that first bit of travel.
could be the cam plate on the bottom plate is too tight, can you back the screw off a 1/4 turn and see if that helps?
I tried backing the screw out a little and it was even harder to cycle. I went ahead and took it to the range last night and it worked great once the headspace was dialed in. I love this thing.:D
Ussually new built guns might be a little tight but after a session of shooting thing will wear and mate to their new rebuilt condition. You are right in that if we do not take out out the 1919 it seems like we are missing something. It just is not as much fun. We can have HK's, AR's, AK's, M-14's and they just do not give you felling of exhileration like a 1919 with Emory's crankfire. It is definitely one of my favorite guns! Also I have become very knowledgible about it so minor problems barely get to me.
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