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Have parts will trade

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Need - Cocking lever pin, recoil drive spring, Front sightbase screw the large one, top cover bolt-nut-spring, top cover leaf spring extractor. What I have to trade....barrell shroud, 2 boosters, 1 chrome trunion75-80%, 1trigger frame, 1barrell ext, 1NOS top cover latch, 2 izzytop slides, 3bolt handles, 3NOS 3006 usgi belt pawls bottom ones ,2 7.62 rear cartarge stops ,2 new front cartarge stops ,1NOS top cover tower and nut , 1 usgi belt feed lever, 1fireing pin no spring inside, 1 barrell ext block&pin 1timeing screw no nut, 1 shroud screw.;) P.M. ME.......Doorgunner
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PM me I think I have what your looking for atleast half anyways!!!
I bet I got the other half. PM me too, we can do some trading
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