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At KCR (as of two days ago) Apex had two BREN Mk. 3 kits that were probably 95%. Most finish nice and dark, furniture beautiful. $500.

A few months ago I got a Mk 3 kit from Apex for $385, as expected it was well used; blueing had gone brown, furniture oily and dented.

The kits Apex had at KCR though were gorgeous. Richard explained they got these from two sources, with the $500 kits from a later source.

If you're thinking about a BREN Mk 3 kit, and the specimens at KCR are at all reflective of the quality of the kits offered for $500 on the Apex website, these are a great value. These are NOT the same as the kits available from Bowman or Sarco. Grab one now while you can.
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