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Heads Up: New German MG Book!

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My friends at Armor Plate Press have recently released a photo study of German machine guns from WWI through WWII. I thought you guys would be interested.

It contains hundreds of wartime photos, most of the never before published! I watched this book be produced, and know that the source material came from unique German originals- private phtos taken by the soldiers themselves.

It's 210 pages, with between one and four photos per page. These are primarily "action" and "field" shots, not post-war studies. If you want to see MG08, MG08/15, MG13, MG15, MG34, and our beloved MG42s in real, personal photos, you'll love this book!

It's available from:
Armor Plate Press at http://www.armorplatepress.com for about $35 shipped CONUS.

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