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Hello from California

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Hello everyone

My name is Jeff. I am sort of new to this site. Been on the site trying to understand and gather more information from the various threads. So far I know I eventually want a 1919 to add to my collection. Figure this site should be a good place to start.
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Yes. UNLESS you possessed the belt before 2000. Back then, I made up 11 round belts and painted them white. Now I can shoot down to #11 and rebuild the belt without creating a new "hi capacity feeding device". Although CA did pass a law last year banning even the possession of hi caps regardless of when they were obtained, that law is enjoined pending the outcome of litigation.
So technically, it is legal to own "pre-ban" belts until the new law is upheld, and it probably will be upheld since the first law banning them was never overturned (sorry, having lived in Cali off and on most of my adult life, I am not optimistic about anything gun-related happing in this state), then anything over 10 rounds will be a misdemeanor. And in this state, I have been told several times by lawyers I know, any misdemeanor committed a second the DA has the option of charging it as a felony if they so choose too.

Since the law defines a "magazine" as "any ammunition feeding device" belts are considered magazines. Just like the law here defines any pistol with a threaded barrel as an assault rifle. Only a politician could make that jump.

Keep in mind also if you choose to obtain a 1919a4 and want to make it into a 1919a6, you CANNOT put the a6 flash hider on it. Buttstock, bipod, no problem. But once you put the flash hider on, because it has a detachable magazine, it now becomes an "assault rifle" per California law. The fact it is not a shoulder fired weapon, that it is designed to be fired from a tripod, and that is a crew-served weapon does not matter. Based on the state's description of what an "assault rifle" is, once you put a flash hider on it, with or without anything else, it becomes an "assault rifle." The biggest, heaviest, ugliest "assault rife" ever made, but an "assault rifle" nonetheless under Cali law.
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