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HELP- need the lockframe plunger- where to buy-lost mine

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ok ugg. mine went flying across the room, found the spring but no plunger. where can i buy one? some sites seem to call them different, numrich had a few "plungers" but not the right one i dont think, someone help me please! thanks mike [email protected]
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www.sarcoinc.com Dave will have what you need. Probably about $5.00.

i looked at that and tried to call them- are you sure thats the right one i need
? i need the plunger in this picture
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Don't see it on their parts list but they may be calling it something else. Give Sarco a call and ask for Dave. He knows 1919's and will know the plunger your talking about. They're probably one of the suppliers as well. If you need other stuff, best to buy it all at once and save the shipping $.

well then what is the official name of what im asking for? i dont live that far from there either. this is not funny and its not fun-
It's the plunger. I know they have them. They are listed in the survival pack they sell, but aren't listed individually on the parts list as far as I can tell. Dave will get ya one most likely. Tell him your from the forum. He's always helped me out for odds and ends.

How the hell did you lose the plunger? It's gotta be in the room that it went flying across....:)
trying to fit everything together, i have no clue. pulling my hair out. today was "gun monday" lol, i built 2 ak's and then decided to clean the 1919. and walla its gone. im gonna try to look again- if not i will call him tomorrow. on gunbroker someone has the whole lockframe assembly for sale for like 50 bucks if worse comes to worse. thanks again- mike
OOW has them listed as the barrel plunger for $3, item #007-04, if no luck I'll sell you one
so it goes as the "barrelplunger" as well? i will call around tomorrow, and ill hit you up if worse comes to worse- thanks!
Yep. Barrel Plunger is the correct nomenclature. Common and cheap. But if you get one marked BA or with any other marking I'll swap ya. :D
Lucky....I found a BA one...has a really weird stamping. It's in color and moves...

:D Almost Oct!
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Well actually the I believe the correct nomenclature is "Plunger, Barrel Extension", according to TM 9-1005-212-35. SARCO has them also for $3.50 under "Plunger Barrel" part number A4077.
Armorer- thanks for the correction.

iRIGHTi- I don't know WHAT to say to that. I guess an obssession with BA stuff is going to carry some risk with it. :rolleyes:

thanks guys- ordered 2 from OOW. 3 bucks eacg, 9 dollars shipping. that will teach me to lose parts- mike
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