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How Many AMERICANS have to die?

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Ok,,Im sick of this. A ILLEGAL allien just killed 4 kids on a bus,,,an ILLEGAL killed 2 girls in Va Beach(his 2-3 DUI). Will 100/1000 more do any good to revamp the system or will we just let this go on? Does a politicians child need to be killed by an illegal before they change their mind? The US government wants to worry about feeding all of Africa but will not feed all of America 1st.
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The american people can resolve the illegal problem on their own, without turning to Washington for a solution, that will never come. Here it is,in general terms:

When you hire a contractor to replace your roof,build a house or add an addition, mow your yard, paint your house and you see mexican's are on the crew check their papers and if things don't look right tell the owner the job won't proceed until those guys are gone. When you go to a place to eat and you see mexicans working there, your not spending your money there until it's proven they are here legally.
What it comes down to is, you won't do business with a company that is hiring illegals.
I really feel for you and the situation that surrounds you where you live. Something has to get the pendulum swinging back the other way.
From what I've seen around here, I think the illegals in this country are more like 40 - 60 million.
Saw a mexican store the other day, at a rural cross roads that had a picture of a bandito painted on the outside wall and above it was written "viva villa". I don't think they were celebrating the home improvement guy.
From what I have seen Wyoming has been taken over by the mexicans. Don't know about the other areas around G.R.. Holland has it's issues with them too.
I think the phrase "you can run but you can't hide" applies to anywhere you want to live, anymore.
I wonder where the tipping point to all of this is.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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