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How to deal with Dementia

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I am dealing with a prob I have never had before. My Dad, 79 yrs old, is not the same person he was last year. He and my Mom, 85, live in Kanada.
The last few months, he has become someone I don't know. He is paranoid of the littlest of things, and it manifest's into major scenarios for him. They live in my house up there, altho I live in the USA. 3.5 hr drive for me to go up there. His grasp on reality has deteriated that it scares myself, and my Mom. He as told me of thoughts of suicide, and then jokes about them. He is on anti-depressants, and on his latest visit with the doctor, he told me he didn't tell her about his thoughts. Hence she did not realize that what she has prescribed are not working. I now must head back up there and attempt to talk to his doctor personally, and hope for some other form of medical help.
He does not have the full symtoms of Dementia, but some are there; as well as paranoia. They live in a house I own, but he feels it is contaminated with black mould, and that is why my Mom has difficulty breathing. *hello* I have told him that when you get older in age, as Mom is; that your body is not as efficent as it was years ago. But to no avail. He makes any tiny molehill into an impassable mountain.
Mom at this point seems more sane than he is, and is working with me to get him help.
Anyone out there having dealt with this, have any suggestions?
As I will be in Kanada, I might be outta touch for a few days, unless I can latch onto a wireless connection.
A friend has suggested that he just wants me to be there, so portraying these symtoms is just to get me there. But, I have a job/life here, and can only go up when it permits.
Sorry to vent, but I consider you peeps as knowledgeable in almost everything, so any ideas and support is welcome. :eek:

Tks in advance peeps.
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Dementia is a very specific condition; what *may* be happening is a bad reaction to a combination of drugs that, individually, may be safe but when combined may be at the root of some of these symptoms. When you get up there, find out from your mom EXACTLY what he has been taking, both perscription AND non-perscription, and then find a GOOD pharmacist that you can trust to go over the list with you and see if there are any reports of negative reactions to the interactions of the medications. Best of luck with it. If you can't find anyone up there you trust, I've got some friends in the medical field who I can ask here if you can get me the specific details. It may be as simple as changing a dosage, or a medication to some alternative that eliminates the problem. Hopefully, anyway.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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